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Filter Cleaning

Pool Builder Marketing - Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Why do filters need to be cleaned?

Filters are an integral part of a swimming pool system. It helps keep debris, algae, dirt, and other insolubles out of the pool. This also includes body oils, lotions, makeup, and other organic wastes. The particles or grids in the filter, known as media, help capture these particles. As these medias continue to catch particles, they get trapped in the filter to help keep the pool clear. The filter is to the pool as your kidney is to your body.

Once the filter captures so much debris, the media needs to be backwashed, cleaned, or replaced. Without proper cleaning, the filter can not allow sufficient water to pass through and therefore can not keep the pool clean. The pump will also become strained because it can not push out the amount of water that it is taking in. This will cause the pump to work harder and can cause leaking seals or premature failure of the pump. Lastly, because of the lack of flow entering the pool, the water can not get the proper circulation causing the water to become cloudy and algae to bloom.

How often do filters need to be cleaned?

Filters need to be cleaned, at a minimum, once a year. This is not to confuse “cleaning” with “rinsing”. Rinsing is not cleaning. Rinsing only removes topical debris on the filter grids and does little to nothing when it comes to removing the aforementioned organic wastes. These wastes are what really clog the fibers of the grids, and it requires a proper cleaning process to be removed.

A cleaning may need to be performed more than once a year and that is determined by watching the pressure on the gauge to the filter. Irregular pressure is evidence that the filter needs cleaned. Sand and D.E. filters can be backwashed to lower the pressure, but cartridge filters need to be cleaned. Take note of what the pressure is when the filters are clean and, if possible, when they are new or the sand has been changed. After backwashing, if the filter maintains a higher level of pressure than the predetermined “clean” pressure, this is evidence that the sand needs to be cleaned or replaced. If this is observed with a D.E. filter, the filter needs cleaned. Regular filter maintenance helps to prolong the life of the filter but it is recommended to have them replaced every 3-years  for residential pools.

What process does Absolute Pool & Spa Care recommend for filter cleanings?

Absolute Pool & Spa Care uses a 5-step process when cleaning cartridge and D.E. filters. It is important to remove the topical debris and the organic wastes. This can not be done with water alone. Our recommended process is:

  1. Rinse filter cartridges as well as possible
  2. Cartridges are soaked in a large tub or trash can with TSP (Tri-Sodium Phosphate) for a minimum of 4 hours
  3. Cartridges are removed and rinsed thoroughly
  4. Cartridges are then soaked in either a diluted solution of muriatic acid or liquid chlorine, depending on the substance on the cartridges, for 24 hours
  5. Cartridges are removed and rinsed thoroughly

Sand filters are cleaned differently. If the sand is older than 3 years old, the sand needs replaced. If it is younger, we will clean the sand. This is done by:

  1. A standard sand filter cleaner is added to the equipment system to soak
  2. The amount of time to soak is determined by the directions stated on that particular cleaner, the filter is then backwashed unless otherwise instructed
  3. Filter Fiber is added to the filter to help the sand hold smaller particles in the water.

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